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Our courses are the only Equine SCENAR training courses in the world that are run by a professional horse trainer with over 35 years experience....

Equus and SCENAR Articles

Locking stifle or patella in both back legs

Scenario A Welsh Cob mare called Lucy increasingly suffered from a locking stifle or patella in both back legs, whilst between the ages of eleven mont

Amazing Story of Clyde

Clyde completed an epic journey of 1700 miles, at the age of only 4 years old. Clyde, Lollipop, aged 5, Dali at 19 and Lapo, who was 12 years old,  we

Amber and SCENAR

Amber, also known as The Queen, is a 23 year old “been there, seen it, done it, carriage driving pony,” owned by Jill’s friend and her dau

One Lucky Horse!

On the 10th April 2014, the SCENAR Equus training team will be going to a local horse sale, where we will purchase/rescue a horse or pony that needs l

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  • 2014 Equus SCENAR Courses

    Jill will be running two different courses this year; the basic level, which will give therapists a level of understanding, including the horse's anatomy and physiology, his body language and behaviour patterns, plus common problems such as badly fitting saddles and bits. Appropriate SCENAR protocols for the basic level will be studied. The second level will be designed for therapists wanting to treat horses as part of their profession. We will be covering anatomy & physiology in greater depth, plus considering factors such as foot balance, the rider's position and muscle damage. We will study protocols and settings for the lymphatic and immune systems, treatment for acute and chronic injuries, plus correct protocols for swellings, etc.
  • What is SCENAR?

    SCENAR therapy stimulates the body to use its own internal pharmacy to cure a state of ‘dis-ease’. When the SCENAR device passes over a ‘painful’ area it sends out a signal to the brain, telling it that there is an imbalance; experienced as ‘stickiness’ on the skin. The brain constantly monitors the condition of the body and so will already know that this imbalance has occurred. As a normal process, it would send bio-active compounds to ease the pain and begin the healing process.
  • Who are the courses for?

    Our equine SCENAR training courses are targeted at two different markets. Level 1, on its own, is designed for horse owners that wish to learn how to treat their own horse on a daily basis. The combination of both Level 1 & Level 2 is designed for existing SCENAR therapists who have already been officially trained in treating people.
  • I have no previous SCENAR training?

    If the prospect of our equine SCENAR courses excites you enough to want to train to be an Equus SCENAR Therapist, then please get in toutch. Full course details are on this site.


  • Having never seen Scenar used I was open minded but not expecting miracles after 2 hard years trying to fix our boy. Who would believe that after his treatment he would enter a paddock and show off to your mares by effortlessly doing passage! if I hadn`t seen it for myself, I would have said it was a marketing! Simply amazed. To put this into perspective bell equine said he was fit for the knackers yard! Thank you all for your amazing work!
    Steve R
  • After the SCENAR sessions, I had a totally different pony.  The pain in her legs had reduced dramatically and I could see her demeanour had changed.  She was happy to have a bit put in and gone was the quick walk around the stable to avoid the saddle.  I am not saying that 6 sessions and she is cured, but we are now in a position where SCENAR has alleviated the pain in her joints and dramatically reduced the number of times her legs lock.   I can now give her additional work and follow the advice of the vets/physios and strengthen her muscles etc, without causing her distress.

    Jane Brown
  • Wow.   Thanks SCENAR.  My horse had nasty scabs on her face.  After 2 treatments, all her hair had grown back.  Thanks.

    Sarah, Kent
  • My daughter's 8 year old pony, Kitty, wind sucks; causing her to have strengthened  muscles in the wrong places.  Also, Kitty’s back legs would paddle out to the side in all three paces.  She had one SCENAR session and during the next few days, her muscles relaxed and she began to have top line.  To my utter amazement, she started to walk, trot and canter straight behind.   If I am honest, I had her treated because another horse was being treated on my yard and I thought, "Oh well.  Why not?  It can't hurt."  I never expected it to have such a massive effect. Thank you SCENAR.   I now wouldn’t use any other alternative therapy for my horses or myself.

    J Shephard
  • Jill was treating some horses on a yard next to mine and she agreed to come over and see my horse.  I was very sceptical because I had never heard of SCENAR, but my neighbour had been having her horses treated and she was raving about it.  I had Jill look at my horse, Sam, as  his leg had been swollen for a week and was  getting bigger each day.   I had done everything I could.  The day after Sam’s first treatment, his leg had gone down by 80 % and the day after that, the swelling had gone completely!  WOW.  I was totally shocked.  All thanks to Jill and her fabulous SCENAR machine.   Now, Sam has treatment to feel good and he loves seeing Jill’s car turn into the drive.

    Karen , Kent
  • Amazing!  One of my ponies has had terrible sweet itch for years and has always had a very dull coat.   During his first SCENAR treatment, I could see his coat start to shine.  He's now had three treatments and his mane has already grown three inches.   I haven’t seen him itch once.

    Karen, Kent
  • I had a young horse in for training.   He was very bolshy, would push people around and sometimes be aggressive.  I had all the normal things checked before I gave SCENAR a go.  Because SCENAR causes the body to release endorphins, his attitude began to change immediately and to my amazement, stayed better.  He did have 3 more treatments, but he never went back to being aggressive.  I can’t tell you how pleased my clients were; so much nicer than being eaten by your horse!  Thank you SCENAR.

    Paul, East Sussex