Equus SCENAR professional equine training
Date:February 02, 2014

Amber and SCENAR

Amber, also known as The Queen, is a 23 year old “been there, seen it, done it, carriage driving pony,” owned by Jill’s friend and her daughter’s godmother, Sarah.  Sarah introduced Maggie to carriage driving when Maggie was only five, though she wasn’t able to compete until she was seven years of age.  As of now (February 2014), Maggie and Amber have been competing together for the past two years.

Last Spring, this little team went to the National Driving Trials.   Maggie and Amber had an amazing weekend and were placed 6th in the UK;  representing the South East of England in the Extra Young Juniors section.   In this competition, they have three phases to complete; firstly, a dressage test, which Maggie and Amber find a little slow, then the cones which is quicker and lastly the section they both love, the Marathon; best described as being fast, fast,  fast!

Jill is now treating Amber with SCENAR.   The day after her first treatment, Amber and Maggie enjoyed a training day together.   Amber looked so different; she was moving across her back, nice and round, plus her stride was bigger and with more flexion apparent in her hocks.  Since then, Amber has  regular Scenar treatments; ready for this year’s National competition in April.

Team SCENAR will be attending the National Indoor Driving Trials.

Good luck to this great team.