Equus SCENAR professional equine training
Date:February 07, 2014

SCENAR Success Stories

“Timmy was kicked in the chest, which caused a large swelling the size of a grapefruit. After Timmy’s first treatment, the swelling had gone down by half.  Over the next three days, Timmy had treatment everyday and by the fifth treatment, the swelling had gone completely.”

“Beth had two bald sore patches behind her withers, with very deep muscle atrophy all the way down her spine.  Her pelvis had rotated and she had the stance of a lamanitic horse.  The atrophy had been caused  by a  badly fitting saddle.   After Beth’s first treatment, her muscles had begun to repair; she was standing square and looked altogether more comfortable.  Beth has now had four SCENAR treatments and is moving really well through her back.  Her owner says, “Wow.  It’s like riding a different horse.  Amazing.”

“Charlie is a nine year old driving pony.  Two years ago, she damaged her suspensory ligament and sadly, she had to be retired from scurry competitions.  She is still driven for pleasure.  Eighty percent of the time, Charlie shakes as if she’s really cold.   After finding  the cause halfway down her back, the SCENAR therapy was concentrated in that area.  Three minutes into her treatment, the shaking stopped.  Because of the tightness in her back, at this point she would stand with her hind legs very forward.  She has now had three SCENAR treatments and her owner says her shaking is seventy percent better and she is standing much better.”