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Date:February 03, 2014

Amazing Story of Clyde

Clyde completed an epic journey of 1700 miles, at the age of only 4 years old.

Clyde, Lollipop, aged 5, Dali at 19 and Lapo, who was 12 years old,  were all purchased from an Italian slaughter yard by an American lady and her 17 year old daughter.   They made this huge journey together, to bring awareness to the plight of unwanted and abandoned horses worldwide.

Karen and her daughter, Olivia, started their marathon trek in Tuscany, Italy, crossing the Alps into snowy Switzerland.  They moved on through Lichenstein, Austria, Germany, Belgium and France before heading over the Channel to the U.K.

My client purchased both Clyde and Lollipop, when they arrived here.  She has since sold Lollipop to a neighbour and is hoping to keep Clyde herself.

I met both Clyde and Lollipop and I have treated each of them with SCENAR.  Clyde was very distrustful.  He is a very sharp little guy, who clearly liked to be very much in control.   After his treatment, he was very sleepy and relaxed.  It’s quite amazing that this small framed horse made such a marathon journey when so very young.

Lollipop has settled into his new wonderful home, with an owner who adores him.   He is already peaceful, settled and very much at home.

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