Equus SCENAR professional equine training
Date:January 06, 2012

One Lucky Horse!

On the 10th April 2014, the SCENAR Equus training team will be going to a local horse sale, where we will purchase/rescue a horse or pony that needs lots of help.

We will be looking out for a variety of conditions, such as muscle atrophy, poor skin, even sarcoids or sores, poor foot balance; all kinds of problems which people looking at buying a horse are advised to “run a mile” from.

This year’s students will be able to treat this horse throughout their SCENAR training.   His or her progress will be well documented on our website over the duration of the SCENAR Equus Training courses.  The horse or pony will have their own section on the SCENAR Equus website, where past and present students can follow the treatments used and share information.

We will have our vet check him over and a report made, both before starting and after treatment has finished.   When we have a happy, healthy horse, owing to SCENAR therapy and all the participating students, Lena and Jill will find him a loving home.